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Why let your oil company set the price you pay? Original Energy offers unsurpassed purchasing power and low prices, and we have been offering our customers complete transparency and confidence in our ability to deliver in the New York metro market for nearly 100 years.

Did you know?
Our program helps you streamline ordering, billing and fuel monitoring and saves you money.

Whether you have one building or a portfolio of properties, Original Energy can help you streamline your fuel oil purchasing process. As part of our fuel oil consulting services, we provide you with:

Choice of index or fixed pricing

Choice of index or fixed pricing

Bill auditing

Fuel Monitoring

Remote fuel monitoring to avoid run-outs

We start with an audit of your current and historic fuel use, needs and spending. We can then provide a detailed analysis to determine an effective new pricing plan, with the option of a fixed or a floating index price.

We also track your fuel use going forward. Using remote fuel monitoring gauges allows us to monitor usage and avoid run-outs. But just as important, it lets us confirm billing accuracy and insure that you are only paying for the fuel you receive.

We sit on your side of the table

You need a pro with decades of experience in buying oil on your side. Original Energy brings its heritage as Original Oil, buying literally hundreds of millions of gallons of oil. We also bring you our deep industry knowledge and reputation for customer service and satisfaction to guarantee that you get the best prices as well as top service. We handle each client individually and personally.

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For information about how Original Energy can help you manage fuel oil procurement and save money on oil prices, contact us today or call (914) 847-0320.