LED Caters To Hospitality – Better Control, Lower Costs

Darren Levine
Darren Levine’s article for MANN Report Management originally published in the November/December 2016 issue.


Hospitality property owners are faced with unique challenges in their effort to serve highly discriminating clients in a business with rising energy costs and lower profit margins. From hotels to dining establishments, resorts and recreation facilities, property owners and building managers are constantly looking for ways to save money, while they create an engaging environment that combines comfort with a personalized experience.

At hotels this is a particularly acute issue as owners need to satisfy their client’s needs from the business traveler to tourists and event planners. These demands range from hotel guest comfort and security to ballroom lighting for presentations and gala events. Electricity accounts for the largest portion of a hotel’s annual energy budget, and lighting alone represents around 25 percent of the total electricity consumed, and almost 40 percent of the total electric cost for a typical hotel room. With energy costs in the U.S. averaging over $2 per square foot, property owners are increasingly attracted to LED to increase net revenue.
Hotel Lobby LED Installation

Hotel Lobby LED Installation

Lighting for the Sustainable Hotel
In the face of rising energy costs, many hotels have adopted “green” strategies, implementing energy efficient technologies and processes to save natural resources, reduce waste and protect the earth. Using environmentally preferable lighting solutions can reduce the carbon footprint and impact of your properties.

Building management companies and property owners are rapidly shifting to new technology to reduce costs, improve operations and manage energy expenses and to meet the demands of more discriminating tenants.

LED retrofits and new installations deliver:
  • Increased energy management capability
  • Lower electricity demand and costs
  • Enhanced ability to monitor energy usage
  • Improve aesthetics for individual room/area applications
Hotel Owners Seeing the Light on LED
With the rapid evolution of LED lighting technology, hospitality properties have incorporated LED as a significant element to create a more inviting environment for their customers. One of the more prominent examples of this trend is in hotels.

Today, LED applications are lighting up a wide range of hotel and other hospitality spaces, including:
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Corridors and circulation areas
  • Guestrooms
  • Luxury rooms and suites
  • Parking and outdoor
  • Reception and lobby
  • Wellness areas
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