Two Important Laws To Keep In Mind For 2018

Both the New York City Council and the Department of Environmental Conservation have either changed current laws as we know them or have revised codes that have been in effect for years. Get more info on these changes and how they impact your building.

Cleaning Up the Air We Breathe

Westchester County legislature is following in the footsteps of New York City, in their unanimous approval to reduce the soot produced by the residual fuels, No. 6 and No. 4 oil.

Three Things to Remember for DEC-Regulated Oil Tanks

Reposted from:    Posted By Kristen Hariton of SiteCompli  One of the biggest compliance problems plaguing owners and managers lately are DEC-regulated oil storage tanks. The DEC (a New York State agency, as opposed to a NYC agency) adjusted regulations for tanks in 2015, and property teams

Petroleum Bulk Storage Regulatory Changes (6 NYCRR 613)

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has begun enforcing regulatory changes adopted in 2015 that affects petroleum bulk storage (PBS) tanks.

Original Energy and NYSERDA Enter Partnership to Reduce Oil Consumption

Original will lead NYSERDA’s first-ever monitoring and measurement test pilot of #2 oil fuel consumption in mid-sized to large multifamily buildings.

Take Control Of Your Oil!

Jim Slattery’s article for MANN Report Management originally published in the April 2016 issue. The need to analyze data for energy efficiency is paramount in today’s New York City Real Estate landscape. In today’s high-tech, 24/7 world, owners and managers must have energy management

The Perfect Storm on Oil Prices

Dan Singer’s article for MANN Report Management originally published in the February 2016 issue. As those of us in the northeast peer out of our windows this heating season, we have seen little in the way of stormy weather. However, that does not mean

Heating oil could be making a comeback – by David Singer

Posted for NYREJ on 12.22.2015 at: As president and CEO of Original Energy here in the metro area, and Robison Oil in Westchester County, I have been involved in some capacity in the oil business my entire life. I remember my grandfather telling me

MANN Report Management – October 2015

We recently had the pleasure to be on the cover of MANN Report Management as New York’s #1 Energy Team. We had a great interview talking about our humble beginnings, our philosophy with new endeavors and staff, our process for introduction of new products and