Original Energy and NYSERDA Enter Partnership to Reduce Oil Consumption

Original will lead NYSERDA’s first-ever monitoring and measurement test pilot of #2 oil fuel consumption in mid-sized to large multifamily buildings.

LED Lights Up Outdoor and Parking Areas

Darren Levine’s article for MANN Report Management originally published in the September 2016 issue. https://mydigitalpublication.com/display_article.php?id=2577550&id_issue=336145   LED lighting installations offer an increasingly attractive ROI to building owners and property managers, and the expiration of a major Federal tax incentive (Section 179D of the Energy Policy

LED Lighting Financing Options Eliminate Up Front Costs

Tim Riley’s article for MANN Report Management Edition originally published in the August 2016 issue. mydigitalpublication.com/display_article.php?id=2546263&id_issue=324600   LED lighting installations have increased exponentially as continued improvements in technology, an increasingly attractive ROI, and a major Federal tax incentive set to expire by the end of

LED Lighting Solutions – 179D Tax Credit [Video]

If you are a building owner or manager, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about converting your lighting to LED to take advantage of their efficiency, control and aesthetic appeal. The future of lighting is here, and now you have a reason to move soon.

Shine a Light on Veterans – Flag Day

Today is Flag Day, and Original Energy LED Lighting Solutions announces Shine a Light on Veterans, a new program we are offering to any town or city in the metropolitan NY area. Original Energy will install LED lights to illuminate Veteran’s memorial sites throughout the

LED Lights for Virtually Free?

Darren Levine’s article for MANN Report Management originally published in the June/July 2016 issue. https://mydigitalpublication.com/display_article.php?id=2502955&id_issue=308668   Why Owners and Tenants Need to Take Advantage of Section 179D Now   As the commercial real estate industry heads into the second half of 2016, now is the

BMAR 25 Year Member Award

On Wednesday, April 20, 2016 The Bronx-Manhattan North Association of Realtors, Inc. presented our very own Jim Slattery with a 25 Year Member Award. Original Energy is excited about this recognition and Jim’s commitment to this organization over the years.

Take Control Of Your Oil!

Jim Slattery’s article for MANN Report Management originally published in the April 2016 issue. https://mydigitalpublication.com/display_article.php?id=2447046&id_issue=296477 The need to analyze data for energy efficiency is paramount in today’s New York City Real Estate landscape. In today’s high-tech, 24/7 world, owners and managers must have energy management

The Perfect Storm on Oil Prices

Dan Singer’s article for MANN Report Management originally published in the February 2016 issue. https://mydigitalpublication.com/display_article.php?id=2384564&id_issue=289266 As those of us in the northeast peer out of our windows this heating season, we have seen little in the way of stormy weather. However, that does not mean

Information from the Desk of Operations: New York is Serious About Local Law 87

Kenneth Camilleri continuing series for MANN Report Management.  Originally published in MANN Report Management – January 2016 https://mydigitalpublication.com/display_article.php?id=2362990&id_issue=286672 Local Law 87 is such an important issue to building owners and property managers who own/manage buildings of 50,000 square feet or greater that it bears repeating